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No. Each release can be carried out differently. This is determined by the manufacturing brand and bae Store. Generally, the brand provides some requisites we must comply with, pairs available for sale, and bae Store also considers estimated hype for that product, as well as specific technical considerations needed which could facilitate our customers the purchase.

At bae Store we try to inform ahead of time about the approach we are going to take to carry out the most attractive releases. We will always search for the purchase option that will prevent multiple purchase by the same customer, or the use of fraudulent software to place orders.

We do not allow for the purchase of more than one pair of sneakers for some of our product releases because we would like the largest number of customers to be able to access the purchase of these products. We are aware these are often very limited and exclusive sneakers, and to purchase them is not an easy task, as not many stores have these products available.

If we detect that a customer has purchased two or more sneakers of the same product, using different customer accounts or purchasing the product as a guest at our website, their orders will be cancelled.

At bae Store we limit the purchase of selected exclusive products to one pair per person to allow the opportunity to the largest amount of our customers to be able to access the purchase.