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Proceeding with a return with us is really easy. To find out what steps you need to follow please access our 'Returns' page. Please remember it is essential to send the product in perfect conditions and properly protected inside a security box. Do not forget to include the returns form. Do not hesitate to contact us on your 'customer account' if you have any questions about the process. 

To proceed with the exchange of a product purchased with us for another size or model involves the return of the product, and placing a new order. We will always proceed with the refund of the product as long as it is in perfect conditions when it reaches our premises. We will proceed with the refund through the same payment method used for your purchase. For more details please access our 'Returns' page.

3. How many days do I have to proceed with a return? Can I return a product after 14 days have passed?

You have 14 calendar days since the day you receive your order at your delivery address or purchase a product at one of our physical stores to request a return or inform us of any incidence on your order.

After those 14 days it is not possible to return a product. You can find more details on our 'Returns' page and Purchase Conditions.

The procedure for the return during the extension is the same than for all returns. Find all the information about returns and exchanges procedures here.

Yes, it is a requirement. When you return a product, you must include the returns form filled up with your details inside the security box. This way we will have all the information regarding your purchase ready to proceed with the return promptly and efficiently.

If you are going to return a product at one of our stores, it is also recommended to provide the returns form, so that we can process your return without any trouble. 

Shipping costs for the return of a product are always paid and arranged by the customer. For this reason, you have complete flexibility to choose the courier company and service that fits your circumstances best. It is not necessary to send the product(s) using an express service. The choice will depend ultimately on the customer. 

Please check our 'Returns' page to find out more on how to return a product correctly.

Yes, it is a requirement for any returned product to arrive at our premises appropriately protected. This will prevent the product from suffering any damage whilst on its way to our headquarters. The products that you send us back are usually returned because the size does not fit you, or because the model does not really convince you. Thus, they will be put on sale at our store again. For this reason, we are really strict when evaluating products returned by our customers.

If a product is returned without a security box the return will be rejected. Only the return of textile products may be sent in soft packaging. 

Refunds are administered through the same payment method used to make your purchase. Generally, refunds become available a few days after you receive the refund invoice on your inbox.

Your refund will appear available on your bank or PayPal statement sometime after we request them and you receive our refund receipt confirmation. This depends ultimately on your bank or on PayPal.

If you have just received an email from us with the refund invoice attached it means we have already evaluated the product(s) and we have requested a refund. 

Generally, refunds become available on your bank or PayPal account a few days after you receive our refund invoice on your inbox. The period of time it takes for the refund to appear available depends ultimately on your bank or PayPal.

If you do no longer have the original product box with you it is not possible to request the return of this product. It is mandatory to ship the items you return exactly as they were sold and inside their corresponding shoe box or original packaging.

If a textile product or accessory was dispatched inside a cover, bag or particular box, this must also be returned in perfect conditions for your return to be accepted upon evaluation. 

By no means a return which has been rejected due to the poor conditions the product presented could be evaluated again. Rejections are definitive, and second return evaluations do not apply.

To find out more on how to correctly return a product visit our 'Returns' page. If you have any questions on this regard please do not hesitate to contact us through your customer account. 

Please consult our Returns page, or our Returns Form to find out how to return a product. The main reasons why a return may be rejected are the following:

  • The product has been returned after 14 calendar days since the date when it was received at the destination address
  • The product has not been shipped inside a security box and the product has been damaged
  • The product is not in perfect conditions, exactly as it was dispatched

A return will be rejected when the product presents any damage, deterioration or dirt, evidence of use, residues (e.g. fluff) or any other external or internal damage. Likewise, if the product box displays any damage (penned on, taped or manipulated), the return will also be rejected. 

If you realize one of the products you have received does not correspond with the one you ordered, please contact us, and we will do our best to find a solution as soon as possible.

All manufacturing brands follow really strict quality control measures to assure excellent performance of the products they sell. Moreover, when we receive the product at bae Store, we carry out a thorough evaluation of the product to verify that they do not present a visible defect, so that you will rarely need to contact us regarding a manufacturing defect on the product received.

If you notice that the product you have received presents a brand defect, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible so that we can evaluate the incidence appropriately.