adidas Forum Low Grinch

12 December 2022

adidas Forum Low Grinch

adidas Forum Low Grinch

Christmas is just around the corner.

Just in time for the festivities, Adidas dropped a pair of Forum low for you to celebrate this time of the year in style. Using a widely known christmas character, the grumpy and mischiveous Grinch, this pair is full of delightful details and elements to personalize to your own taste.

Inspired by the original Dr. Seuss’s Grinch, this pair is dressed in beautiful tones of hairy green suede and green cozy terry lining. The sole, in tones of neon green with red accents, is also a standout.

This is a pair that you have to take various looks to see the full amount of details, like the mean eyes in the tongue, the artsy insoles and jewels for the laces.

A timeless pair that turns heads and draws smiles on peoples faces, as you can't pace unnoticed while walking through the streets. 

This is also a perfect present for your closest sneaker addict.

Available online and instore, here at BAE.

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