Diadora x 24 Kilates

17 November 2022

Diadora x 24 Kilates

Diadora x 24 Kilates

Friendship, that’s a good word to describe the long-term partnership that Diadora and 24 Kilates have.

After so many years, so many insanely good and irreverent collaborations, these two staples of the European sneaker scene decided to make a collaboration that celebrates their joint efforts over time. 

Using a classic silhouette, the V7000, this collaboration takes inspiration from Cobi, Barcelona's Olympic Mascot in 1992. You can see this inspiration on the palette chosen to color the pair. Also, in the tongue of the shoe, there is an embroidery that resembles the head of the mascot. In that embroidery, you can read “Friends for life”, in the right foot is in Catalan and in the left in Castilian. 

Using premium materials, this shoe is a standout. 

Multiple types of leather cover the upper, with different textures and finishes. Everytime you look at this shoe you can see a new and delightful detail.

Available in small quantities. Make sure to grab one of these premium sneakers, online or instore, here, at BAE.